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Summer Projects You May Be Considering







You may be considering outdoor projects to bring your entertaining outdoors. Let us jog your imagination.

Start now to plan for a cook out t to remember.

Perhaps a new patio with paving stones. Measure the area to get the footage you want.  Go online and see what choices are available and work out a style you like and caculate what it will cost.

Remamber your contractor will also need stone sand and stone dust for proper lognlasting installation.

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Perhaps you would like new walkways to have your guest stroll through your gardens or a pergola to create a shady dining area

Other ideas are adding a portico over your front door. or a small stone or brick pad for your grill and all the things you will need at hand for the next cook out.

Other ideas are complete outdoor kitchens or outdoor seating area protected from sun and insects.

The key is to plan. and be specific atout cost , and choices of materials It will be a pleasure becoming specific to help your dream materialize.

As always you must find a have a contractor like Salem Construction who is fully insured and lisenced and insured We also have extremely satified customers who come back again and again. When they here frieds are planning a home improvent project they say you should call Salem Construction. Shawn is a contractor you can trust to do a great job