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Seasonal Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Today Is the first day of Spring th

Tasks for Spring As a homeowner, you probably already realize that home maintenance tasks are ongoing and that you never quite get finished before there is something else to do. However, there are certain tasks that should be done at certain times of the year. In this article, we’ll take a look at some specific home maintenance tasks that should be taken care of in the Spring or at least are convenient to do in the Spring.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home. Now is the time to tend to your yard too!   Rake out the flower beds to reveal the spring bulbs    th and dead head the debris of last years leaves  and stems.


Rake seasonal gardens  to ready for rototilling and add organic matter to renew the nourishment in the soil.



Spring cleanup and preparation of the soil


Mow and edge your yard,


prune anything that needs pruning and reseed if needed.   Spring_Pruning_4_thumbPlan your flower or vegetable garden, depending on what you are planting and fertilize as well. If you have spring vegetables that you’ve been coddling indoors, now is the time to transplant them to your garden. Spring is also a great time to dust off any plants. You might even take them outside and gently hose them off and clean out any dead leaves. Transplant any houseplants that have grown out of their containers. Transplant  plants to outdoors. th

Spring is a great time to do paperwork because everything related to it is on sale because of tax season. Clean out your files, do your taxes or have them prepared and stock up on office supplies. You’ll find the best sales on office supplies during the spring tax season and just before school starts again in the fall. Shred any papers that have personal information on them, such as social security numbers, bank and credit card account numbers, and anything else you don’t want anyone to see.    th

Spring is a great time to air out the house and wash the windows.

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Store winter bedding, clothesth

, and decorations and get out the summer th

stuff. Not everyone has the time to plan and carry out a traditional spring cleaning; some people just plan various tasks throughout the year instead of days or weeks of spring cleaning. Do try to complete complementary tasks; for example, if you’re washing the windows, either change the curtains or drapes to reflect a spring theme or wash them or have them dry cleaned if appropriate.  th

Clean the blinds if you have them and your windows will get the full spring cleaning treatment, which will freshen up your home considerably.


While you are doing your Spring cleaning, replace the batteries in your smoke alarms. Many people do this when they “spring forward” at daylight savings time. Other people do it in the fall when they fall back. Of course, it doesn’t really matter; what matters is that you keep all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in good working order so pick your schedule and try to stick with it. th Kidde-C3010D


Replace or repair and gutters that were damaged during the winter. Inspect  roofs  especially on the porches for damage from branches  and ice flows that came crashing down.


Get an proposal for any major repairs that will need to be done.