No Job Too Small

 Reseal Your Driveway

This is the right time of year to have your driveway resealed.

The sealer needs the sun and the heat to seal it completely.  We re-sealed the asphalt portion of this driveway after the cobble stone entrance was complete.

Salem Construction 360

Repair Damaged Floors & The Causes For The Damage

Wet floors can become damaged and start to rot.The sooner you repair this damage and the underlying causes the better.

These customers contacted us for just such a problem. 001 003


At the same time we reseals and re-framed the doors to prevent any damage in the future.


It is the right time of year to Genite The Driveway 

The sealer needs the Sun and heat or insure a good seal.

The asphalt portion of this driveway was resealed after the new entrance was complete

Salem Construction 360

The Bathroom
Consider These suggestions

Low-flow showerhead


Showerheads spew a lot of water. You can still get a great shower — and save water — with a low-flow showerhead, however. The testers at Consumer Reports really liked the American Standard FloWise showerheads, which can provide up to 40% water savings, the company says. Installed throughout the house, they can save a family as much as 8,000 gallons of water use a year, the company says. Cost: $65 to $105, depending on the finish.

New chrome for the Bath tub faucets and drain.

New sink faucet and drain cover

A low flow toilet


The result will be saving money and easier to clean

New Floor

You may want to replace a single floor with hardwood or tile

Worn floor in the kitchen These homeowners wanted a mew floor in the kitchen.

5. Insulation


Heat loss through walls, floors and the roof accounts for about 45% of heat loss (or cooling loss, in summer) in a typical home, says Amanda Lowenberger, researcher for theAmerican Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Attics are often the easiest thing to insulate, and rolling out some Owens Corning fiberglass is often a DIY weekend project. Need more incentive? There’s a significant federal tax credit for installing insulation — 30% (up to $1,500) of the cost of materials.



6. D’Mand System water circulation systems


Why should all that water go down the drain while you’re waiting for the shower or bath to heat up? Though every family is different, about 25 to 30 gallons of water daily can be wasted this way — that’s 10,000 to 14,000 gallons annually, says Doug Bird, product manager for water circulation for Taco Inc.Taco makes the D’Mand System, which automatically recirculates colder water back to your water heater until it’s hot enough for use.  The cost: $500 to $750, depending on the system.


New, energy-efficient windows like this ThermaStar window by Pella are a great way to save money over time, and they do it in lots of ways: They stem unwanted heat and cooling loss in winter and summer, respectively; they block harmful UV rays that fade carpets and furniture; and they even can reduce the size of the heating/cooling system you need. Recently, several energy-efficient homes were built that included good windows, resulting in a 30% reduction in the size of the air-conditioning system needed, according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative. Cost for energy-efficient windows varies widely based on size, number of windows and location. Many companies do free in-home estimates.




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