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Preventive Maintenance can Save You Big Money


Home repairs can be expensive and some are unavoidable, however they can be even more expensive when they have to be done unexpectedly, such as when a water heater bursts and ruins your carpet and possibly other items. Or maybe you have a leaky roof you’ve been meaning to get to until one day a heavy rain comes and part of the roof collapses into your home. Now you have an expensive roofing job to do and you have to clean up the mess in the home. What’s more, you’ll likely have water damage or other types of damage to the inside of your home if this happens to you.


Call Salem Construction for an estimate. Very often a leaky roof is caused by improper venting  which in time not only means leaks but also the possibility of mold invading your home.  Shawn’s  experience of many years in the profession can spot easily what is needed and will work with you to give you options that will give you years of worry free confidence in your roof.



Many of this seasons projects will save on energy costs and prevent water damage. imagesWindows or doors with rotted sills will cost in terms of water damage and higher energy costs. 011 There is still time  to get the repairs done before winter hits.   Another project that will save you on energy is a Bilco door replacement. Shawn will also check the concrete that supports the door and Install a new door that will keep the stairway dry and draft free.

Not only is emergency home repair more expensive; the event that leads up to you having to do emergency home repair could be dangerous. There’s just no better solution than preventive maintenance to keep your home and family safe and to avoid unexpected and costly repairs. Get organized so you will know which tasks you should do on a monthly or yearly basis. Keep receipts of all items you buy that have to do with home repair and maintenance and keep warranties together. Some people like to use a filing system while a binder works well for others. It really doesn’t matter what kind of system you use as long as you keep careful and current records of the home maintenance tasks you perform.

There are quite a few preventive maintenance tasks you should do to keep your home running smoothly. Although we won’t go over all of them here, we will touch on just a few. Keep your water heater running smoothly by checking the pressure relief valve twice a year. This is a preventive device that could keep your water heater from exploding and it is important that the valve be in good working condition. This valve is present on all water heaters, both gas and electric and when checking it you should hear air escape through the valve. Water may also escape through the valve when you pull the lever, which is expected. If neither one of these things happen, you should drain the tank and replace the pressure relief valve. Always turn the electricity or gas off before you work on your water heater. Also, check for rust around the base and replace the water heater if any is spotted.

Something as simple as changing your filter on your home heating and air conditioning system can make the unit run more efficiently, make your home more comfortable, and save on costly repairs down the road. Also, inspect dryer hoses at least once a year and check for lint around the vent area and in the hose. Built-up dryer lint can cause a fire and reduce the efficiency of your dryer so it is important to ensure that the vent tubing is clear of lint.

There are many more preventive home maintenance tasks you will need to do each year. Many of them are quite simple and all of them are far easier than cleaning up the mess after a disaster strikes.


A New Bilco Door For Your Basement

Spruce up your curb appeal with a new Bilco Door.  The other reasons to do this are :

  • Home Security
  • Preventing cellar floods during severe weather
  • Easier access to your basement

The prices start at $1500.00 Price may vary according to the condition of the concrete and stairway into the basement and whether or not you want a new door for the entrance into the basement proper.

Salem Construction 109When completed you will be secure for years to come

Home Maintenance To Be Done While The Sun Shines



With the start of summer (Bing: When?) and warmer weather, you can focus most of your maintenance chores outdoors. First, however, attend to a couple of jobs that will help you stay comfortable and safe inside the house.



Switch ceiling fan blades Switch ceiling fans to push cool air down, where you’ll most enjoy it. Observe the fan while it’s running: In summer, you want the leading edge of the blades (the part that goes around first) higher than the trailing edge (the part that rotates last). Locate the fan’s switch on its outside body. When set correctly for summer, you can stand beneath it and feel the breeze. This should allow you to adjust your thermostat higher (or set the air conditioning lower), saving fuel while enjoying the cooling effect of the moving air.


Clean dryer vents  Although you probably know to remove lint from your clothes dryer’s lint filter after each use (to prevent fires),


You may not have heard that maintenance also includes cleaning the hose that pipes warm, moist air from the dryer to the outdoors.


Use a long-handled brush, found in hardware stores (or search online for “dryer vent brush”). Also, clean the recess beneath the filter with a lint-trap brush. Make sure to purchase a brush that fits your dryer’s particular lint-trap type. Read the dryer’s manual for directions. Check vent hoses to ensure they fit tightly to each other, to the dryer and to the outside of the house. Pull out the dryer and vacuum accumulated lint under and around it.



Air conditioning tune up  The number one priority for your summer home maintenance checklist is to have your air conditioning (AC) unit tuned up. As important as getting your car tuned, your AC needs to be tuned to inspect and prevent unwanted emergencies. The tune up is used to inspect refrigerant levels, which is important for your AC to keep running cool and keep your summer electric bills low, as well as to ensure your fan is functioning well, your coils are thoroughly cleaned and there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring.

6-summer-home-maintenance-air conditioner items-you-shouldnt-miss

Homeowner tip: You can keep your AC bill running smoothly by changing out your air filters often. Experts advise changing them once a month when using your unit on a daily basis. 


Roof check  Your roof should be inspected annually to ensure that you don’t have any problems. Whether you have just ended your rainy season or are about to begin it, checking your roof regularly will assist in finding a small problem before it becomes a large, leaky one. Contingent on the type of roof, you may also want to clean your roof to avoid any permanent water damage.  Homeowner tip: If your home has gables for example a Victorian be sure to clean the valleys where the gables or dormers come into the main roof.

check your roof home-maintenance-items-you-shouldnt-miss


Clean gutters  Cleaning gutters regularly will help prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks. It is recommended that gutters are cleaned twice a year: once at late fall/early winter, after all of the leaves have fallen and prior to the first snow-fall, and once at late spring/early summer after flowers, seeds and blossoms are done blowing off.

Clean Gutters summer-home-maintenance-items-you-shouldnt-miss


Window check  Ensure that the hot summer heat stays outside by checking and maintaining your home’s windows. One of the key items in window maintenance is routinely checking the sealants. Ensure that both inside and out are secured, and caulk any open areas in between. Also, check weather-stripping for any faults and replace it immediately if there is an issue. Taking care of windows will keep your home looking and feeling good.  Keep in mind that keeping the sealants in great condition on  windows and doors will prevent  water damage to  walls and floors and window trim inside the house.  Homeowner tip: Use a small paintbrush or toothbrush when cleaning windows to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Cauking Summer Home Maintenance


Pressure wash the exterior  An important element of maintaining your home’s exterior is to routinely clean it, and the easiest way to do so is to pressure wash the walls. Do it to remove dirt, stains and mildew, especially prior to painting. Before you wash, just ensure that you cover plants, electrical outlets, windows and doors to avoid any Do It Yourself  mishaps.  Homeowner tip: For a step-by-step guide on how to pressure wash your home, check out this MSN Real Estate video.

6-summer-home-maintenance-iPower Wash house tems-you-shouldnt-miss


Pool maintenance  Depending on where you live, it’s probably been a good six months since your pool has been used for swimming. Get it ready for summer by cleaning it up, leveling the water, ensuring that your pumps are working and balancing your chemicals. Start at least a week prior to swim season to ensure that the water and your new bathing suit are safe from chemical harm.  Homeowner tip: Look into an energy-efficient pool pump to help keep your electric bill down during the summer months.

6-Clean Your Pooll summer-home-maintenance-items-you-shouldnt-miss

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